• Testimonials

  • The Skampcan is a "no brainer". I don't know how many times I have swept the floor and used a piece of paper because I was too lazy to get the dustpan. Works great!!!

    Eva Simons

  • I have the skampcan installed in my RV and I can tell you this product is so simple yet amazing. Anyone who has an RV will tell you that the floor get's dirty as soon as you load up before leaving the driveway. The Kkampcan makes it very easy to quickly step up the mess.

    Will Brooklyn

  • I just purchased this for my mom. She has back trouble and leaning down with a dustpan is very difficult for her. Now her floor stays clean and when I'm over, I empty it for her. This is really a great product for people who have a hard time leaning down.

    Sarah-Jane Stone

  • Not sure how I lived before the Skampcan. I have one installed in my kitchen and it makes sweeping a breeze. I usually empty it out once every 2 weeks with no issues. I love my Skampcan and have already told my friends.

    John Wilson